Who is behind the screen?

…Just a tiny person in a great world, who wants to explore it by putting one foot in front of the other:

Kayaking in Bangkok klongs
Kayaking in the Klongs of Bangkok? Challenging the conventional

Hi! I’m Berit. I’m Danish, but I also feel Thai. I live in Copenhagen, but I have spent more than 7 years living in Asia. I know Bangkok better than my current city, and I feel at home in Asia. I feel at home in the unknown.

I’m obsessed with travelling, but not just any kind.

I am constantly looking for the roads less travelled, the detour between A and B, the far-stretching empty beach, the deserted trail, the soundless dessert, and the dirt-road that not even google has found… I’m not too posh to go to the conventional places, too. ’cause even the conventional you can flip upside down and find small trails of secretness – or just enjoy a bit of civilisation and a pizza.

In fine cooperation with Instagram, this blog is my playground and personal memory storage space – trail tales and offbeat vibes from the roads less travelled. I created it for 2 reasons:

  1. A love for scribbling travel tales
  2. A passion for inspiring you to step away from the Banana Pancake trail

I hope you find a bit of inspiration for your next journey. Where are you going? What are you dreaming of? What’s your offbeat travel secret?

Tell me – I can’t wait to hear your travel tales, too!