Dali Art Factory – the best places & how to get there

street art at dali art factory

Dali Art Factory is a hidden gem of creativity, art and cool’ness in the otherwise touristy Dali city in China’s Yunnan province. The renovated disused factory is now home to contemporary galleries and art spaces, a photographic museum, bookshops, artisan workshops, local workspaces, bars and cafes, as well as a music studio and a three-story […]

The best places for local food in Dali

Dali dumplings

With countless (doubtful) options, what are the best places for local food in Dali? Okay, so cup noodles from the local mum’n’pop shop are THE cheapest way to a full stomach, but it’s just not very fun after a day, is it? Dali tempts with a wide array of local joints, and most are both […]

The Andaman Islands. Remote beach life in India

Beach on havelock island andaman

The Andaman Islands. In the middle of the turquoise blue ocean. More than a thousand kilometres outside the coast of India and closer to Burma than to its motherland lays a small group of temptingly beautiful islands. Where life is lived slow and utterly barefooted. Where mangroves and deserted beaches guard the coastlines and where […]